Hope and New Life has a branch in Sierra Leon, West Africa, registered to the government as a non profit organization.

We help in the places where there are no hospitals or healthcare services. What we do there is we pre register the people and perform  services such as checking blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels as well as many other treatments.

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Our Results So Far

We usually find out 50 percent of the people are living with a very high blood pressure level. Usually running in the 200s over the 100s.

55 percent are diabetics. Another 20 percent have infections such as malaria, typhoid, and other infectious diseases.

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Treating disease and illness starts with preventing it.

We take multiple steps to educate those unable to learn.

We put them into educational classes. We give educational training to those on special diets. We have a club for diabetics/high blood pressure patients where they meet monthly even after we finish the out reach. We continuously follow up with them, once the outreach is over our job is not done, we keep in touch and return.

We provide medication for those who can not afford it because most of those diagnosed lack the financial resources to take the medication. Medications such as insulin as well  offering glaucoma machines so they can check their blood sugar levels.

We work closely with a group of intern doctors at the main hospitals. They come over and volunteer their services for the people of the villages.

Presently we are using our efforts for another huge outreach in  Sierra Leone, where we are able to teach and treat the people who need it.

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